The soil-washing plant with ReSoil® technology was constructed in city of Prevalje which sits in a contaminated area of Meža Valley, Slovenia. The mission of this facility is to prove the scalability of ReSoil® technology. With the capacity of 6 t/day it enables demonstrational remediation of local sites as well as demonstration of ReSoil® technology to stakeholders. The Technology Readiness Level of plant operation is TRL 7 (EU, NASA methodology). 

The permit for construction of this soil washing plant was granted by Slovenian Environmental Protection Agency in 2017. The permit was based on proofs of ReSoil® closed process cycles operation and zero-emissions. Construction of the plant was co-financed from EU LIFE + Programme with 50% contribution of 1.1 M EUR. The operating permit for this soil-washing plant was obtained in July 2018. The ReSoil® technology uses common process equipment such are sieves, mixing vessels and filter presses. The remediation process can be controlled manually and the innovative part of ReSoil® technology, i.e. in press soil rinsing, EDTA and process water recycling, can also be controlled automatically by the SCADA (supervisory, control and data acquisition) system.