History and background

Envit Ltd. is research & development SME and a spin out company from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, established in 2009. Envit Ltd., the company for environmental technology and engineering was established in 2010 as a spin off company of University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The founding of Envit Ltd. was initiated by prof. Domen Leštan and his fellow two PhD students, following the development of innovative soil washing technology (now ReSoil®) at UL to the level which attested the feasibility and commercial potential of the technology. Neža Finžgar, PhD become the managing director of Envit Ltd. In 2015 the majority of shares of Envit Ltd. was acquired by Arhel Ltd. In 2017 the construction of a demonstration-al soil-washing plant with ReSoil® technology commenced in the city of Prevalje, nearby Pb, Zn and Cd contaminated Meza Valley, Slovenia, co-financed from EU LIFE + Programme and a corporate investment fund from Arhel Ltd. ReSoil® was awarded with Seal of Excellence from the EU Commission which allows projects with ReSoil® technology to access EU structural and cohesion funds.

Management team

Neža Finžgar, CEO

Domen Leštan, head of R&D

Marko Gerl, CEO of Arhel Ltd.

Dragan Martinović, sales manager

Our Location

Pod lipami b.š.
1218 Komenda

M: info@envit.si

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