What we can treat with ReSoil® technology


Soil contaminated with toxic metals (i.e. Pb, Zn, Cd, Cu….) and toxic metalloids (As, Sb) from various gaseous and liquid industrial emissions (e.g. smelters, foundries, dumping or burning of lead batteries), traffic emissions (i.e. leaded gasoline),  peels of external lead-based paint, heavy metals containing pesticides (i.e. lead arsenate, copper sulphate), fertilizers (i.e. Cd in phosphates), ammunition (i.e. shooting grounds), the fallout from the discharge of community waste incinerators, soil contaminated by old plumbing and lead and zinc roofing (i.e. burning of Notre Dame in Paris).

What we cannot treat with ReSoil® technology

Ores, tailings, ashes, sludges…and other solid materials from mining, smelting, and other industries, where heavy metals are present and entrapped in mineral forms (i.e. silicates) and not accessible by EDTA and also not bio-accessible/-available. ReSoil® is not a metallurgical process.

Technology description

ReSoil®, our internationally patented soil remediation technology is the single commercially available option which efficiently removes toxic metals from contaminated soils and sediments.

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Case study

Construction of vegetable garden with raised beds with remediated soil from city  Prevalje, Meza valley, Slovenia and remediated soil from city of Arnoldstein, Austria. 

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Is ReSoil® technology limited to removal of Pb from contaminated soils? 

Are there other available similar soil remediation technologies?

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