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Efficiently removes Pb and other toxic metals  from soil and sediment; immobilize As.

Closed-cycle operation. Recycles EDTA and reuses process waters in closed process loop. No waste-water is generated.

Emission free. No emissions of EDTA chelates from remediated soil.

Sustainable. Preserves soil as a functional natural resource offering all ecosystem services.

Removal of co-contaminating organic pollutants. Compatible with natural attenuation, bio-stimulation etc.

Innovative, internationally patented, cost-efficient technology.

Technology description

ReSoil, our internationally patented soil remediation technology is the single commercially available option which efficiently removes toxic metals from contaminated soils and sediments.

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Case study

Construction of vegetable garden with raised beds with remediated soil from city  Prevalje, Meza valley, Slovenia and remediated soil from city of Arnoldstein, Austria. 

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Is ReSoil technology limited to removal of Pb from contaminated soils? 

Are there other available similar soil remediation technologies?

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