The CEO & CTO of ENVIT, dr. Domen Leštan is part of the 0.05% world elite scholars - ranked #13 among highly ranked scholars globally in Soil Contamination.

ScholarGPS™ Lifetime: Recognizing the Worlds Elite 0.05% of Global Scholars.



ScholarGPS™, a leading authority in academic rankings, has recognized Dr. Domen Leštan, Professor and Chair of Soil and Environmental Science at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, as a Highly Ranked Scholar - Lifetime. This prestigious honor is awarded to scholars whose research and contributions place them in the top 0.05% worldwide.



Dr. Leštan's extensive publication record, the significant impact of his work, and the exceptional quality of his scholarly contributions have earned him this esteemed accolade. His ranking as the 13th Highly Ranked Scholar in soil contamination underscores his outstanding expertise and dedication to advancing knowledge in this field.


With a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Ljubljana, Dr. Leštan is a leading authority in soil contamination. His research has led to several patents, particularly in soil remediation ReSoil® technology.



Beyond academia, Dr. Leštan co-founded Envit Ltd. with two of his Ph.D. students, following the development of the innovative ReSoil® technology at the University of Ljubljana. ENVIT Ltd., established in 2009 as a spin-out company from the University of Ljubljana, is a micro SME specializing in environmental technology and engineering.



Dr. Leštan's dedication to research and development is further exemplified by his role as CEO and CTO of ENVIT Ltd. His commitment to advancing the groundbreaking ReSoil® technology and his significant contributions to the field of soil contamination make him a deserving recipient of the Highly Ranked Scholar - Lifetime distinction.



We are all proud to learn from you, Domen!



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