New forms of sustainable remediation at the training grounds, shooting ranges and polygons of the Slovenian Armed Forces

Taking care of the environment is one of the priority tasks of the Slovenian Armed Forces, which is why it is involved in new forms of sustainable remediation of its training areas, shooting ranges and polygons.

Soil pollution as a result of military activity is one of the ecological problems faced by countries around the world. The soil at military shooting ranges is contaminated with toxic metals, mainly lead and copper, semi-metals - mainly antimony, and often also with organic pollutants, such as fuels and mineral oils. In order to prevent the further spread of pollution in the environment, remediation/remediation is therefore urgently needed, warns the Slovenian Armed Forces. This will be tackled with the help of the novel ReSoil® technology developed by ENVIT Ltd. as part of a 180,000 euro remediation project financed by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia and the Slovenian Research Agency. The company ENVIT Ltd. within the framework of the Targeted Research Program (CRP) signed a contract for the implementation of a 2-year project entitled »Remediation with toxic metals and metalloids and organic pollutants of contaminated soil at a model military shooting range - demonstration and recommendations for further measures«.

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