Metabolism of Cities - 7th Annual Urban Soils Symposium Highlights Video

Symposium was held Nov. 16 & 17, 2022 at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Arts Center on Governors Island, NYC

This annual symposium is an international platform for diverse and interdisciplinary collaborative opportunities built on the discovery and mutual explorations of soils and their force in nature and sustaining life in natural and human-built systems. 

Envit Ltd. was one of the partners of Urban Soil Institute at the 7th Annual Urban Soils Symposium - Metabolism of Cities. Together with USI, we want to thank everyone for joining the Urban Soils Institute & their partners as they explored solutions & strategies for transforming urban supply chains into entire urban metabolisms, where natural and anthropogenic processes exist in a mutualistic relationship. 

Please click here for the symposium recap - link.

Please click here for a highlights video of the symposium - Metabolism of Cities - 7th Annual Urban Soils Symposium Highlights - YouTube.

Who is this Symposium For?
All who are interested in soils. USI is an open global platform with soils at the center bringing together all backgrounds and disciplines, all ages, and every walk of life, to have access to everything soils, for multi and interdisciplinary explorations, collaborations, and feedback connections.


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