ICOBTE & ICHMET 2023 - Clean environment. Human health. Our future

From September 6 to 10, 2023, the University of Wuppertal successfully hosted the ICOBTE & ICHMET conference, attracting over 800 participants, including renowned scientists from diverse continents.






Dearest ReSoil® followers, The inaugural Joint International Conference of Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements (ICOBTE) and the International Conference of Heavy Metals (ICHMET) marked a significant milestone. These conferences hold a distinguished position in the global scientific community and boast a rich legacy. Under the theme "Clean Environment, Human Health, Our Future," the conference underscored the persistent challenge of environmental pollution. This issue poses a constant threat to human health, ecosystems, and the overall environment. Consequently, the imperative of preserving a clean environment for the well-being of humanity remains paramount. The 2023 joint ICOBTE & ICHMET conference was dedicated to exploring strategies for mitigating environmental pollution and addressing contaminant-related concerns.


During the conference, Dr. Simon Gluhar, among other esteemed researchers, shared insights into cutting-edge solutions and findings, particularly focusing on the advancements in ReSoil® technology. He holded a pitch titled: “Simultaneous removal of arsenic and toxic metals from contaminated soil: Laboratory development and pilot scale demonstration” and presented a poster P58 titled: “Case studies of ReSoil® – novel technology for efficient and sustainable removal of heavy metals from contaminated soils”.

Explore the diverse insights and groundbreaking research presented at the ICOBTE & ICHMET 2023 conference through the comprehensive Book of Abstracts available at linK.


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