European commission supported ReSoil technology with the Seal of Excellence

European commission supported ReSoil technology under Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme SME Instrument.

ReSoil technology was recognised us cutting-edge soil remediation technology with positive impact on the protection of environmental resources and human health. ReSoil technology has received funding under grant agreement No DLV-854743.

Project executive summary:
THE NEED: In Europe, more than 340 000 sites are likely to be highly contaminated and in need of remediation measure. About 20% of farmland soil in China require urgent remediation action. Urban soils are contaminated by Pb-based paint and emissions from the combustion of leaded gasoline in all major cities in the east coast and US-heartland; i.e. 71% of the home garden soils in New York exceed Soil Clean-up objective limits for Pb. Lead was identified by WHO as 1 of 10 chemicals of major public health concern. Urban soil is a lingering source of lead poisoning in children. Most countries have made the clean-up and restoration of the contaminated land a priority thus creating the opportunity for soil preserving remediation options. The remediation of contaminated soil is essential for the protection of environmental resources and human health. There are no effective and sustainable (soil preserving) remediation technologies for soils contaminated primarily with Pb. Excavation with landfilling is unfortunately still one of the most used solutions (used in 82-84% of cases), though high landfill tax and loss of a natural resource. OUR INNOVATION: ReSoil is the single available remediation option which efficiently removes Pb and other toxic metals from contaminated soils and preserves soil as a natural resource. ReSoil is EDTA-based soil-washing technology with innovative technology for recycling of EDTA and process waters in closed-loop and thus ensuring generation of no liquid wastes. ReSoil is a breakthrough, globally important green environmental innovation in the verge of commercialization. ReSoil demonstration plant (6 t/day) and demonstration garden are available. MARKET OPPORTUNITY: Low operation and remediation cost, no environmental emission and preserving soil as a natural resource for safe food production make ReSoil technology disruptive innovation in the growing soil remediation market (8% annual growth rate). Increasing public concern and awareness requires new effective and cost-efficient gentle remediation options. With the help of EU funds and partnering companies, first commercial remediation plant with capacity from 50 to 200 tons per day will be operational and tested in 2021 and ReSoil technology launched to the global environmental remediation market that is poised to reach approximately 133 thousand million EUR by 2025. OUR COMPANY: ENVIT is an engineering company with an aim to offer the world the efficient solution for removal of lead and other pollutants from soil and was named the best start-up company in Slovenia for this business idea.

This project has received funding from the European Unionā€˜s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No DLV-854743.


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