COP 28 - ReSoil® Technology: Addressing Soil Contamination Challenges

At COP 28, ENVIT introduced the groundbreaking ReSoil® technology for cleaning soil contaminated with heavy metals. The report provided insights into the technology and outlines challenges faced by ENVIT in its implementation.


At the recent COP 28 event in Dubai, dr. Domen Leštan, the director of ENVIT and a professor at the University of Ljubljana, captivated the audience with a lecture titled "ReSoil® Technology to Restore Soils Contaminated with Heavy Metals for a New Safe Use". Within the event, he presented the innovative and sustainable ReSoil® technology aimed at cleaning soils contaminated with heavy metals in the Slovenian Pavilion.


Despite the global significance of the technology, Leštan addressed the challenges ENVIT faces in establishing the first commercial plant, crucial for further expansion and success of this innovation.


presentation not only showcased the cutting-edge ReSoil® technology but also brought attention to the practical challenges and opportunities faced by ENVIT. This contributed to raising awareness about the importance of cleaning contaminated soils for a sustainable future.


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