2nd ARAGORN Meeting 27-29 May 2024

In the face of escalating environmental challenges, the ARAGORN project stands at the forefront of efforts to remediate and restore Europe's polluted soils. Bringing together a diverse consortium of academic institutions, private enterprises, and research organizations, the project aims to develop and implement innovative strategies to clean soil contamination.



The ARAGORN project partners recently met in Nancy, France, for their periodic meeting.


The consortium meeting was organized by French SME partner MICROHUMUS. The session again brought together representatives from various fields, companies and universities to discuss progress, share updates, and address challenges in their collective efforts to remediate environmental contamination.


During the meeting, participants engaged in discussions and roundtables on innovative remediation solutions, project management strategies, and research directions for the coming months.


A significant portion was dedicated to the development of Risk Assessment (RA), Socio-Economic Assessment (SEA), and remediation add-ons, focusing on optimizing these tools to aid site owners in decision-making. Updates were provided on prioritized contaminants and site-specific risk assessments.


The highlight was a site visit to the contaminated area in Homecourt, where participants observed practical demonstrations of various sampling techniques, including soil sampling, bulk density measurements, and environmental DNA (eDNA) sampling. Experts also showcased methods for sampling spiders and earthworms. This hands-on experience enhanced the partners’ understanding and facilitated the exchange of technical knowledge.


The meeting fostered a collaborative environment, with a mix of videoconference and face-to-face panels allowing direct interaction with site owners. This integration of insights into project planning is crucial as the ARAGORN team continues to work towards restoring EU’s polluted soils.


Like our consortium leader Xenia Trier, PhD expressed, here at ENVIT we want to extend the gratitude to the ARAGORN's Project Management Team, Work Package leaders, and especially MICROHUMUS for their great organization and hospitality.


The ARAGORN project remains dedicated to advancing soil health restoration across Europe, driven by a united and informed approach.




PS: Big thanks as well to the authors of the nice photos: Xenia Trier, Anna Jackson Foucher, Andre Zhulpa Camporesi and Gabrielle Dublet-Adli.


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