The ARAGORN team has secured important 4-year EU Soil Mission project

The ARAGORN team has secured 4-year EU Soil Mission project from HORIZON-RIA / HORIZON-MISS-2022-SOIL-01-04 - Remediation strategies, methods and financial models for decontamination and reuse of land in urban and rural areas

We share some exciting news for all the ENVIT Ltd. & ReSoil® folowers! 



The ARAGORN team, which active part is ENVIT Ltd. as well has secured €7.2 million (EU contribution € 6 612 911,00) to transform environmental research into impactful actions for safeguarding soil, environment, and people's health.



When faced with the task of restoring Middle-Earth, we imagine that Tolkien’s Aragorn would welcome the EU Horizon Europe project ”Achieving Remediation And GOverning Restoration of contaminated soils Now (ARAGORN)”.



Leading the charge is Associate Professor Xenia Trier from Københavns Universitet - University of Copenhagen, alongside a diverse international team of 16 partners. This includes experts from 12 countries and collaboration with stakeholders at local, national, and EU levels.



Given that 60–70% of Europe’s soils are in unhealthy state, with only 65,500 out of 2.8 million potentially polluted sites fully remediated, ARAGORN comes as a beacon of hope. It offers a robust research-driven framework empowering public and private land managers to take effective steps in protecting, remediating, and restoring polluted soil environments.



Get ready for an exciting kick-off of 4-year project on October 1st 2023!


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