Final event of the Targeted Development Project (CRP V1-2280), Polygon Poček, 17-18 April 2024

Remediation of soil contaminated with toxic metals and metalloids and organic pollutants at a military model shooting range - demonstration and recommendations for further action


The final event of the Targeted Development Project (CRP V1-2280) was held at the central military training area of the Slovenian army in Pocek.



We are happy that the event received significant attention from various media outlets, both nationally and locally. RTV Slovenija, Slovenia's national public broadcasting organization, aired a comprehensive 2-minute report during the prime time news channel yesterday. The report, titled "Zemlja na Počku močno onesnažena s težkimi kovinami," shed light on the environmental challenges and initiatives discussed during the event. Plese use the posted link to watch the report - linK.



Additionally, STA (Slovenian Press Agency), the national news agency covering domestic and international events, covered the Demo Day with a detailed report. Please check their coverage on this - linK.



Furthermore, the event was highlighted in a report published by the local newsletter, prepared in detail by the Municipality. Please read the newsletter on this - linK. This local coverage helped to amplify our message within the community surrounding the Pocek area.



Overall, we think the media coverage certainly contributed to raising awareness about the environmental efforts and initiatives discussed during the Demo Day. It's a testament to the importance of our work and the interest it generates both nationally, and locally.



Thanks to everyone involved once again for your support and participation in making this event a success.



Team Envit


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