ARAGORN Kick‐Off Meeting 1‐3 November 2023

ARAGORN enhances contaminated site understanding, refining decision-making through sustanable remediation technologies, effective mapping and monitoring tools for diverse contaminants. Tailored strategies identify neglected hotspots, allowing stakeholders to transition from regrettable to restorative remediation.



Dearest ARAGORN & ENVIT Ltd. followers,


We are delighted to share a brief overview of our heartwarming kick-off meeting (KOM) for the EU Horizon ARAGORN project (Grant agreement ID: 101112723) which was held last week in Denmark and was organized by Københavns Universitet - University of Copenhagen led by the great Xenia Trier and ARAGORN core group.


The KOM was filled with positivity and enthusiasm as we gathered to embark on this exciting 4-year journey towards soil remediation and restoration. Our discussions were insightful, with each team member bringing valuable perspectives to the tables.


We started by outlining the project's objectives and the comprehensive framework we aim to develop. The atmosphere was lively, and everyone's dedication to achieving our goals was palpable.


One memorable moment was when Mr. ARAGORN gave a famous pulpit speech. It brought us all who witnessed that in live motion closer and set a cheerful tone for our collaboration.


We also had the chance to get to know one another better, sharing stories and experiences that reinforced our sense of camaraderie.


Looking ahead, I'm confident that with this world-class motivated team and our collective expertise, supported by an elite scientific advisory board, we will make significant strides in tackling soil contamination issues.


Thanks to all consotrium partners for your active participation and positive energy. Let's continue to work together with the same spirit and determination to Achieving Remediation And GOverning Restoration of contaminated soils Now!




KoM official press release

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