Eurosoil 2021 Virtual Congress

The results of the novel ReSoil® technology demonstrated in large-scale will be presented at the Eurosoil 2021 Virtual Congress, in Geneva (Switzerland) which will be held from 23rd till 27th of August 2021.

An oral presentation entitled “Large-scale demonstration of ReSoil®, a sustainable technology for soil washing of metal contaminated soil” will be presented as part of an opening day Communication session in virtual Room 6 “SDG115.02 Managing urban environment: technologies and methodologies for the management and reuse of soils and sediments (a) 1” on Monday 23rd of August from 13:45 to 15:15. For more news about the Eurosoil 2021 Virtual Congress please visit the official website of the event - here!

At the virtual congress we will also mention a deliverable of POSIDON PCP Phase 2, a prototype development of mobile units for pilot demonstration of on site, ex-situ brownfield remediation of polluted soils.

POSIDON is a project that has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N. 776838. POSIDON challenge is to address the lack of public demand driven innovation in the soil decontamination sector in Europe. This is needed to close the gap between supply and demand for innovative solutions. Pre-commercial procurement (PCP) has the potential to be an effective demand side innovation action par excellence. The common challenge faced by the POSIDON buyers’ group is identifying a soil (and eventually groundwater) remediation new, life-cycle, cost-effective technology, preferred as in-situ (and eventually on-site), to be capable of decontaminate heterogeneous anthropogenic soils in brownfield, composed by a mixture of industrial waste (like filling soils highly polluted by Petroleum Hydrocarbons) and soils consisting on clays and sands, highly polluted by Petroleum hydrocarbons (TPHs and PAHs), and heavy metals.


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